CRAFTOR’s experts plan and conduct regular health and environmental safety audits of its partners and suppliers.


CRAFTOR focuses on durability of business results and continuity of business activity, rather than on short-lived economic benefit. It is for this reason that sustainability and sustainable development are the first priority of CRAFTOR as well as the core values around which the corporate culture and transparent socially responsible business is built.


CRAFTOR has a zero tolerance policy for corruption, dishonesty, negligence, discrimination and unlawful activity in any shape or form. This policy encompasses each and every aspect of CRAFTOR’s activity and processes, from product design through evaluation of results. It is also pursued in relationships with business partners, suppliers, customers and other interested parties. CRAFTOR firmly believes that its long-term sustainability goals can only be achieved with clean hands and clear conscience.


Human health and safety is yet another area where CRAFTOR’s management concentrates its efforts by conducting workplace assessment and continuous upgrading to improve their ergonomic and safety features. All employees are actively involved in the projects to improve the safety and aptitude of workplaces. High level of participation, in its turn, helps to increase efficiency of these projects, motivates CRAFTOR’s employees to use safe work methods and minimizes the risk of labour-related accidents.


CRAFTOR conducts a systemic monitoring of sustainability and sustainable development. To detect any changes in the consumption of resources, environment pollution and environmental impact by the company, CRAFTOR keeps a very close eye on environmental efficiency indicators, such as energy and resources consumption per product unit, emission of pollutants and climate change agents per product unit, etc.

The purpose of the audits is to match the interests of the company and those of its partners, to improve mutual understanding, to build trust and develop long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. The audits are also essential for CRAFTOR to guarantee that the final product is made by using responsible and the most up-to- date modern technologies.