CRAFTOR LCC, legal entity identifier 38-4020240, address of the Head Office: 1603 Capitol ave Ste 310, Cheyenne, WY 82001, is a private limited liability entity, which owns the website (hereinafter – Craftor).
By carrying out its activities, Craftor seeks to secure visitor and user data provided in the Craftor managed website (hereinafter – Website), from any illegal use. Considering this, Craftor recommends to carefully read the Website’s Terms of use and Private policy before using the Website.
In order to optimize the webpage and simplify the Webpage environment, Craftor uses “cookies” each time a user enters the webpage. After each visit the user can delete the Webpage’s “cookies” using his/her web browser.
All the terms used in this privacy policy are written with a capital letter and have the same meaning as described in Craftor “TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE”.


While using the Website, Craftor has the right to collect, save and systemize data about the behaviors of the Webpage users.
Craftor has the right to request the user to submit his/her personal data, if he/she wants to receive certain information and/or services.
The Website can collect, save and administrate the following information about the Website’s user:
– Name
– Surname
– Email address
– Address
– Telephone number
– IP address
Data which is collected from unregistered users who use the Website: IP address.
The visitor of the Website is responsible for the certainty of the provided personal data. In case of a violation of this requirement, the user becomes liable according to the Terms of use.
The Website user has the right to make changes to his/her personal data at any time, if while presenting the data and/or using the Website and/or giving personal data during registration was false or incomplete. The user can make changes to his/her personal data by directly contacting Craftor’s personnel using the contacts provided in the Website.
Personal data about the Website’s visitors are collected while they are browsing the Website, registering into the Website, if this type of opportunity is given, searching, presenting requests and/or questions to Craftor LLC or if the subject provides personal data using other methods.
While visiting the Website, the Website visitors unconditionally agree that the personal data and information described in this Private policy will be collected, saved, administrated and in certain cases transferred to third parties.
If the Website user while browsing and/or registering into the Website does not approve that his/her personal data, that is listed above, should collected, saved and administrated, the Website user has to immediately disconnect from the Website and Craftor has the right to decline Website’s user right to register into the Website, if this right was available before, moreover, the user, by declining to present the requested data, loses his/her right to make actions in the Website, as the data described above is obligatory in order to contact Craftor LCC and/or in order to get services provided by Craftor LCC, if these type of services are provided in the Website.
By using the website the User declares, agrees and guarantees that he/she accepts, that his/her personal data can be used for direct marketing purposes.


The Website users have the right to cancel their approval of their personal data that is listed above, to be collected, saved and administrated by contacting Craftor using the contact information provided in the Website and by providing a written statement to cancel their approval at any time.
Note that by canceling the approval, the Website users lose the right to use the Website and registered Website users, if registration to the Website is available and a Website user used this opportunity, lose their Website account.
The user is aware, that the data and information that was collected while the user was using the Website during the time the approval to collect, save and administrate personal data was valid, will be saved for 1 (one) year, from the last time the user visited the Website.


This is an informational Website and is not dedicated to satisfy the needs of the Website users. Personal data is gathered and saved when the Website user has a demand to contact Craftor LCC.
Personal data is not transferred, neither paid nor free, to any third parties, who are not directly involved with Craftor activities, except cases, when personal data is provided to third parties that provide programming, server maintenance and related services, to the extent it is needed to administrate and archive certain subject’s personal data and complete a Website user’s request.
Craftor LLC has the right to transfer personal data about Website users, when authorities that have the right to receive this type of information demand it.
All the information provided by the Website users are stored in Craftor database, which is administrated by Craftor and its employees and/or Craftor authorized personnel.


The user has the right to access collected, saved and administrated information about him/her and his/her personal data by directly contacting Craftor responsible personnel using the contacts provided in the Website.
Information about the collected, administrated and saved personal data to the applying subject is given after properly confirming the applicant’s identity and receiving his/her written request.
Craftor does not take responsibility, if the Website user revealed his/her login information (login name and/or password), if this information is available on the Website, and because of this his/her personal data became known to third parties.
Craftor has the right to decline the request to present the requested information, if there is no possibility to confirm the applicant’s identity. In this case, the applicant has the right to access his/her collected, saved and administrated information by arriving to Craftor Head Office at the established hours.


Craftor processes personal data when there is a need to perform certain Craftor services to the extent that it is needed to achieve Craftor goals.
Craftor is aiming for complete clarity and does not tolerate any damages done to third parties, that do not use the Website, collects, protects and administrates personal data for the purpose of delivering an effective Website.
In order to ensure the Website’s and Craftor related services improvement and convenience to the user, Craftor, if the user agrees, has the right to use personal data presented by the user for direct marketing purposes. The consent to use personal data for direct marketing purposes, if this option is available, is granted during Craftor Website’s account registration.
For the direct marketing purpose, Craftor has the right to collect, save and administrate the following personal data: 1. Name, Surname 2. Email address.
The user has the right to cancel his/her agreement by directly contacting Craftor via email address indicated in the Website.
All the information provided by the Website’s user is stored for 1 (one) year after the last Website user’s date of login into the Website.


Craftor ensures that during the Website user’s registration and the time spent using Craftor website, the personal data will be protected from any illegal activities. Personal data protection level meets legislative requirements.
The user commits to protect all and any personal data, which is presented on Craftor website. The user does not have the right to reveal his/her login information to the Website, if the option to register is available, to any third parties and is legally liable for this type of data reveal as stated in the Website’s Terms of Use.
The user has to and commits to keep in secret, any and all, other user’s personal data, if that data became known to the Website’s user while he/she was using Craftor website. The user must immediately inform Craftor about this type of data accessibility.


The user is not separately informed about changes of the Website’s private policy.
International Legislation Acts and the State of Wyoming Legislation Acts govern all other terms that were not covered in this private policy.