CRAFTOR LLC is a proud team of talented and highly qualified professionals who are successfully working together towards common goals. CRAFTOR’s leaders take full responsibility for the prudent and efficient use of resources that they are entrusted with.

The core values of CRAFTOR include transparent and fair business, sustainable development, social responsibility, innovation, teamwork, close cooperation with business partners, continuous improvement and ability to stand up to the challenges.

CRAFTOR cares about its clients. Our number one priority is to meet customer needs at the lowest cost possible without making any compromises on the reliability and excellent quality of our products. To this end, we build consumer trust through the employment of highly specialized professionals, high quality materials and a clear perception of consumer needs and expectations. It is our mission to meet and exceed these expectations.

CRAFTOR provides for the needs of its employees. We offer training and qualification improvement, good working conditions, social guarantees, efficient system of incentives and advanced management methods. All of that fosters a sense of ownership, inspires loyalty and contributes towards successful achievement of the corporate goals.

CRAFTOR feels responsible the environment. We make sure that all the materials, resources or components used in production comply with both functional and environmental requirements. CRAFTOR keeps a close eye on the impact of its operations on the environment and implements projects to reduce it.

CRAFTOR is proud of its complex supplier management system that encompasses quality, environmental safety, economic and reliability criteria, as well as guarantees longevity of the final products.

CRAFTOR is committed to meticulous monitoring and audit of its resources and processes. Our continuous improvement efforts, immense innovative potential, close cooperation with business partners and consumer trust are all important preconditions for successful and sustainable development of our business.

The purpose of the audits is to match the interests of the company and those of its partners, to improve mutual understanding, to build trust and develop long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. The audits are also essential for CRAFTOR to guarantee that the final product is made by using responsible and the most up-to- date modern technologies.